Jeff Cook – Town Crier of Grays Harbor
If you want to know what is happening on the Harbor, what major milestones have been reached, what celebrations of life are taking place, and what the general good news is of the good things that take place every day in the community, look no further than Jeff Cook’s Facebook page.

“I have more than 4,900 Facebook friends now – the most you can have as an individual is 5,000. And I don’t even know most of them.” Jeff said.

Asked how he ended up being the digital-age version of the town crier, Jeff credits his first few years in the community when he began to get involved with Our Aberdeen.

“At that time my wife Becky and I had lived in Aberdeen for three years and I knew a few of my neighbors but not too many more people,” he said. “But once I started getting involved with Our Aberdeen, taking on the role of connecting interested community members and keeping people up to date on what we were doing, publishing an online Yahoo calendar of activities that included not only our work, but those of many other great organizations, I suddenly knew hundreds of people.”

Jeff admits he was initially reluctant to move the work he was doing onto Facebook. The online calendar seemed to be working just fine, and it was the same system he used when he served a similar role in his Redmond neighborhood, prior to moving to the Harbor 11 years ago

“It’s funny to look back at my resistance to social media now that I am on it daily, if not several times a day,” he chuckled.

Jeff and his wife Becky moved to the Harbor in part, to be closer to his wife’s family and in part because of their shared love for historic homes. Becky was a 1964 graduate of Aberdeen Weatherwax High School and her family has a long legacy on the Harbor. Throughout their marriage, Jeff and Becky would visit the area from their Seattle area homes where Jeff worked for Microsoft and Becky worked for Virginia Mason Hospital.

Over the course of their lives together, both grew to share a dream to one day live in an historic home that they could restore together.

That dream came true when they found their current home and since then Jeff has only grown his appreciation not just for history, but specifically for Harbor history.

“This community really takes care of each other,” Jeff said, “It always has. It’s such a privilege to be involved in helping share the news of what people here are doing.”

Jeff also is a fan of The Daily World and subscribes to the local paper, where he finds a lot of the stories he shares.

“Towns and cities of all sizes are losing their local media,” Jeff noted, “I want to do what I can to support our local paper and also want to help be a part of preserving a local voice in our community.”