The Grays Harbor Gateway Center has been a vision for our community’s future for several years now. It represents an opportunity to support existing economic and cultural development, attract investment, and transform the way we think about Grays Harbor and ourselves.

More than a building, this project is an iconic statement that will boldly mark where we came together as a community to turn the corner and create a vibrant future together.

Over the past two years, we started to turn that vision into a reality, and this year, we are are taking tangible steps to realize this vision and have the Gateway Center open to the public by early 2022.

In 2016 and 2017 the community participated in design refinement of the Gateway Center with architects and local leaders. Through a series of in-person and online surveys and meetings, more than 1,000 community members from across the county shared their ideas.

The result is a design concept that is rooted in our proud timber history, inspired by the utility of timber drying sheds from the early 20th century, but firmly pointing to a future with open and inviting spaces that will welcome locals and visitors alike.

The final design concept allowed us to go to our state legislators and ask for support to turn the concept into a reality with funding to get the site shovel ready. They saw our vision and shared our belief in what it could do for our community.

With funding secured, this summer the core team came back together and the future of the Gateway Center has never been more bright.

This year the community will start to see the results of all of our collective work including site-preparation and geotechnical work. As that work is done, we want to make sure the community is able to come with us along the journey and speak into the process along the way. This is OUR Gateway Center and first and foremost, it will be a point of community pride because it will be built for Grays Harbor, by Grays Harbor.

Look for opportunities over the course of the year to meet with project leaders, including Aberdeen’s Mayor Larson, to learn more about the Gateway Center and updates on its development. We will also continue our outreach to private and public supporters to develop the additional investment we will need to see this project through — and we are confident we have the resources and vision to do it.

Look for regular updates on our website and social channels that will continue to act as a virtual Gateway Center while the real one is under development. We will meet and interview local business and community leaders, highlight the many positive cultural and economic activities taking shape in Grays Harbor. and share information that will inspire, encourage, and educate in the same way the actual building will do once complete.

This is an exciting time for our community. Here’s to building our future together.