The Grays Harbor Gateway Center is first and foremost an enterprise center committed to economic opportunity in our community. Modeled after other successful enterprise centers, it will provide a one-stop shop for any local business looking to launch or grow as well as any new business looking to relocate to Grays Harbor County.

Why are we building the Grays Harbor Gateway Center?

Frankly, we deserve it. We are a vibrant, diverse community with state of the art education opportunities, a rich history in natural resources, surrounded by a stunning environment with countless opportunities to recreate.

In nearby communities like Thurston County, similar projects have doubled economic impact in a single year and have seen business development and job growth skyrocket.

Are you a business interested in learning more about how you can benefit from the resources that will be housed in the new Grays Harbor Gateway Center? Are you interested in partnering with us on a capital campaign to see this vision come to life?

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